Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Cwmni Pendraw (Pendraw theatre Co.) :  Blwyddyn newydd Dda – Happy New Year.

William Bulkeley : March 31st : “Here the year 1751 must End: Because by an Act of Parliament pass’d in April last for regulateing the comencement of the year, & correcting the Callender — there are among otherthings enacted, that ye old Computation of the year by which it begins on March 25 is not to be made use of throughout all the British Dominions after December 31, 1751 but January 1, next following is to be reckoned the first day of the year 1752 ; and every year for the future to begin on January 1 instead of March 25, and the days of each Month after January 1, 1752, are to go on in ye same order as usuall, till September 2, in the Said year inclusive – but the Naturall day next following the Said September 2d. 1752, instead of the third is to be call’d the 14th. of September omitting onely for that time the intermediate days of the present Callendar, and the severall natural days that shall follow the said 14th. of September are to be reckoned forward in numeral order as usuall, and so on continually and is most confusing for all common people and gentlemen!”

‘Mr Bulkeley o’r Brynddu’ ar daith Ionawr 27 – Chwefror 14  (On Tour Jan 27th – Feb 14th for more info.)

Gadael Ymateb

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